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A new coupling system, a new standard...

This catalogue is an overview of what projects are ‘in store’, ranging from common household consumergoods up to high end for industries as automotive, oil&gas, construction, aerospace, food and many more.. Some applications demand high classification and certification to which standards we comply. In some products we introduce a new standard by applying our worldly new coupling system, adding a different, new technique to the known, certified systems. In many cases solving an ‘industry pain’, in technique but mostly in safety and timegain.

Industries, markets, products...

Since our worldly new coupling system is a completely new way of coupling objects together, meeting, extending and sometimes exceeding present standard, having a very wide range of applicability in industries, markets and products, it is our honor and priviledge to introduce you to our catalogue. It contains the products, we call projects until the product is fully developed, certified if required, and ready to enter the market as a product-application. Feel free to contact us if you find something of interest to you. Enjoy in meeting The New.. T.J. CouplingS

Kamgarenplein 23
5046 RD Tilburg, The Netherlands

Phone:  +31 6 2309 2768

V.A.T.: NL857791515B01

Chamber of commerce.: 69227217